One Dress Styled 9 Ways: Your Summer 2018 Wedding Guest Guide


Let me tell you how this post happened...

My BFF asked me to help her accessorize a dress she purchased from LuLu's for a wedding she has coming up on a lake in Minnesota this summer - sounds dreamy, right? She specified that she needed shoes and earrings. I literally LOVE this stuff so immediately got to work shopping on one of my favorite sites, ASOS. 10 minutes later I sent her a photo with a few different options of shoes and earrings. This is her text back: "Yay! You should make this a blog post and start accessorizing people with these cute little pictures." 

Duh! Why didn't I think of that? This is the whole reason I started OBC to begin with. My friends and clients always ask me for ideas and suggestions related to makeup, clothing, healthy recipes (all the things), and I wanted to make a home for all of this stuff to live. Sometimes you get stuck in your own head and all you need is your BFF to shine a light on what you're already creating.

Have an event coming up and need some fresh style inspo? Drop a note!


Here are some pairing idea's, categorized by shoe!