Barely There, Bronzed Goddess Summer Makeup


Lets be real... Cheyenne is one of those woman who is #BLESSED

I wanted to keep Cheyenne's look super simple - she doesn't wear a lot of makeup, but her look screams natural bohemian goddess to me.  Photos of all products I used to give Cheyenne this glow are shared at the bottom of this post (with the exception of the foundation, but its linked).


Step 1: Cheyenne doesn't need much coverage, so I started by simply evening out her skin tone without covering that gorgeous skin. I used Face and Body foundation by MAC Cosmetics and a little Glossier Stretch Concealer under her eyes (in the shade dark). 

Step 2: Next up we added a glowy bronze using Two Faced Bronzer in "Chocolate-Soleil." If you have fair skin I would go for something like the Tarte's Park Avenue Princess instead. Bronze with a big fluffy brush all over the face but concentrate more where the sun would naturally hit your skin (top of the forehead and cheekbones, a little on the nose etc). Then we added the bronzy glow with CoverFX custom enhancement drops in "sunlight."


Step 3: The eyeshadows I used are from an Anastasia pallet that I can't find anymore but you can purchase the colors as singles here. I applied Morocco all over the lid with some of the Intense Glaze close to the lash line on the lid. I wanted to add a little sex appeal, so I lined her water-line with the Urban Decay All-Nighter Eyeliner BUT, game changer... now they have an eyeliner made specifically for the water line. 

MAKEUP LESSON 101: What is a waterline? The little part between the roots of your eye lashes and your eyeball. Makeup artists call putting eyeliner there "tight lining." 

Final Step: Finish the look off with a little Voluminous mascara and some brow gel and you're ready for margaritas! I think I just want a margarita right now... mmm...

A quick word about the model: Cheyenne is definitely a woman worth checking learning more about. She is an incredible boudoir photographer in the Philly area and she has created a movement on self-love. Here is a little excerpt from her website:

"This is me. I'm Cheyenne. I'm your boudoir photographer. I'm a 27 year-old woman who has been through hell and back with her body image. I'm on the journey to self-love and, while I've come a very, very, very long way, I am still truckin' along right next to you. 

I have a bad ass poodle named Penny (who may or may not be present at your photo shoot). I love cheesesteaks. I love fries. I love pizza. I love my mom. I love my belly rolls. I love my legs. I love my eyes. I love getting women in front of my lens and showing them how important it is to love your body — which will lead you to loving your mind and soul as well, AND will get you understanding the importance of loving, respecting, and honoring ALL BODIES. It's all connected. I live for what I do and it's my mission to show you and every other woman in the world that it's OKAY to love yourself - mind, body, and soul — all of you. It's OKAY to celebrate you. I got you, babe."

She effortlessly beams confidence, but is open the fact that she went on her own journey to find self love as well as helping tons of woman find theirs along the way.