Super sexy Valentines make-up tutorial


Start by doing your foundation and concealer as usual to create your “canvas”.


 Always start with an eyeshadow primer to make sure the shadow wont move through out the night and you don’t have to worry about creasing. I like urban decay primer potion because I know it really works. Just rub a little on the eyelid with your finger.


1) Shadow

Since this is valentines day, I wanted to have fun with this look so I found a shadow by Stilla that had a lot of sparkle added to it! If sparkle is just not you no matter what day it is, then switch this up for a warm matte color such as bronzy brown

Due to the texture of this product I like to apply it with my fingers, the same as you would a cream shadow. I dab it on the lid from the lash line up to the crease of the eye. If you choose a powder, then apply with a brush as usual.

Take that same color and use a smaller brush or Q-tip to smudge a little bit on the bottom lash line from the end of the eye to about where the pupil of your eye is. This will give a bit of that "smoky eye" look.

With a fluffy shadow brush add a little light brown or taupe color such as Buck from the naked pallet. Place the brush on top of the color in your crease and blend it out until it goes just a little bit above the crease when you’re looking straight ahead


I love this copper colored pencil and I chose to use it because she has that came copper color in the middle of her green eyes so it will really make them pop. I put this in the inner corners of her eye. From the tear duct to where the pupil of the eye is meeting the smudge of shadow on the bottom and completely the the eye. Did I mention this pencil is $5!?


3) Bronzer 

I wanted to add a little warmth to her face so I brushed on some bronzer by Too Faced. I placed this wherever the sun would naturally kiss her pretty face (cheek bones, nose, forehead) and then went back and added a little extra on the cheeks.


4) Finishing touches on the eyes.

I wait until we are done everything that is powder based to add the mascara so that powders don’t stick to the eyelashes. I think its important to fill in your brows when you’re wearing a stronger eye. You dont have to darken your eyebrows, just fill in the areas of scarcity brow hair.

I also added black eyeliner to her upper and lower waterline 

MAKEUP LESSON 101: MAKEUP LESSON 101: What is a waterline? The little part between the roots of your eyeball or the rim where your eyelid meets your eye. Makeup artists call putting eyeliner there "tight lining." 

5) Lips

I opted to go all out for this valentines day look with a bold red lip! You can play around with this and feel out what you’re comfortable with. This is a bold eye so if you wear more of a muted lip color, that would look beautiful too!