Hooded Eye Make-up Tutorial- bullet points and video!

I've been blessed with hooded eyes (can you hear my sarcasm from there?). It always cracks me up when someone tells me they have hooded eyes because, when I look, I see quite clearly that they actually have a crease just like everyone else. If you have any lid space to work with, consider yourself lucky! If you find that you really do have hooded eyes, just know that it's not all bad; you can take the "exotic" route and once you figure out how to work with hooded eyes, you can make them really stand out!

Here is a snapshot of my hooded eyes... I know I should smile.


Okay, so I know that I'm in my 30's and most people with hooded eyes may be older with a little more droop on the outside corners (though mine are starting). These tips and tricks and can be used for any type of hooded eye - I promise, they'll work!


Here are a few stand out tips...

Let's start with the DON'TS:

  • Don't use shimmer or light colors in the crease. Just don't. Trust me.

  • Don't put eyeliner on the top lid; depending on how much eye lid you can see but the less you can see, the more I say don't.

  • Don't put dark liner in your waterline unless your doing an exotic smoky eye.

  • Don't be afraid to go with darker shades, but start with less and add more as you go. 

Now for the DO'S:

  • Do take a little shimmer or light color and press them onto your lid right at the lash line.

  • Do use concealer as an eraser when you're finished from the outer corner of your eye to your brow to make sure you don't have droopy eyes.

  • Do put black eyeliner on your top water line (the skin just below your lashes).

  • Do use a neutral color shadow under your lash line blended out to make your eyes appear bigger.

  • Do use warm shades.

If none of that makes sense, or you're a visual learner...watch my quick video tutorial to see how I do this every day!