Quick and Easy Smoky Eye Tutorial

It's a pouring-down-rain kind of Sunday, but I have a big ol' cup of coffee and I'm kinda enjoying it. It's actually the perfect Sunday to share this smoky eye video tutorial I've been holding onto from one of my training sessions with the Shimmer & Spice team. I love video's. Making them is time consuming (props to the youtube world), but its actually really rewarding to watch how a look comes together from start to finish. 

Enjoy this video for now - I'll leave some tips below!


Step 1: Shadow. 

This entire look was created using the Modern Romance Anastasia Pallet. I usually pick a color dark enough to be considered a smoky eye, but still warm and almost never black - the color I used on Maggie was Antique Bronze.

Start by buffing that initial shade onto the lid and up to the crease. As you can see in the video, I went back a bunch of times to get it fully blended. Next I took a dip into both Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna and then went into the crease with that to add some dimension. The last step was to take a bit of Primavera (which is a gold shimmer) on my finger and add that right in the middle of her eye and near the lash line, avoiding her crease, which makes her eyes really glow.

Step 2: Concealer and foundation.

I like using a bit of a heavier concealer (prepped of course with eye cream so it doesn't look caked on). For this look we used MAC Prolonger Concealer and MAC Face and Body which is a very sheer foundation. I like patting the concealer down where she needs it the most and then blending the rest of it in with the light foundation. I feel like this gives the coverage where it's needed and then the rest of the skin can shine through and it looks more natural. 

Step 3: Blush and Bronze.

I like to do the blush and bronzer before I finish the eyes, mainly because I like to put the bronzer on the peak of the cheek bones (where the sun would natural hit the face), and I'll  use a giant brush and have them close their eyes. If I did this after applying mascara, we would have some powdery lashes. Don't forget to buff the bronzer around the perimeter of the face, stopping to focus on the top of the forehead and bringing a little down the sides your neck to make sure everything matches. 

For blush, just pop a pink on the apples of the cheeks and brush it back toward the ears. If you want to look glowing and dewy, add some highlight at the top of your cheekbones and cupids bow. If you're feeling like it looks a little clownish or not blended just go back over with the powder of your choice using a big fluffy brush to blend it all and tone it down. I love a lot of blush though, its kinda my thing. 

Step 4: Liner and Mascara. 

To finish the look, I added a dark brown liner on Maggie's top and bottom lash lines, then smudged it for a soft look. You can always go back over the top with a liquid black liner really thin to add more definition to your lashes. Go back over the bottom liner with a little of the darkest shadow to soften the line even more but still add a bit of drama. Last, curls your lashes if you want and add mascara!

Step 5: Lips.

For the lips I just did a pink stain by YSL to keep the look natural and summer kissed.