Old Montreal

This was my fist time visiting and I absolutely love Montreal. We went Monday-Friday and it took all day Monday to get there and all day Friday to get home, so it was really a 3 day trip. My husband and I went for our "mini moon." Our wedding was in October 2017; leading up to that we completely renovated our house while living in it, ran our business's, and planned a wedding.  It was pretty intense to say the least, so our main goal in this mini moon was to eat, drink and go to spa's (hah). I don't treat myself to spa treatments much at home and I always wanted to do a trip where it was the main focus. I had been told Montreal was like a mini France and that the food and spa scene was on point. For Colby and I, half the beauty was that we took a 10 hour train ride to get there and we let ourselves do nothing except watch movies, read books and look out the window. We went when the leaves were changing, so the scenery was gorgeous and over all the ride was lovely. 

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If you just visit LOV for the cocktails and ambiance its worth it BUT you would be committing a crime is you didnt order the Kimchi Fries. mmmm.......

Sidenote: LOV is vegetarian but its also just delicious 


Cheese Platter and drinks

Santos Tala's Bar has the BEST cheese plate! We just went here for drinks and a cheese platter but all the food looked delicious and I'm dreaming of this platter. 

Maison Christian Faure

Patries, coffee and croissants  

Tommy Cafe

Below Left: This place had such a great vibe and delicious food. I wanted to back everyday but we had so many places to check out. Go to their website to see beautiful photos of their cafe and the delicious treats they serve. 

Below Right: I love La Vie Rose. Marion Cotillard was incredible in that movie and when this singer was singing Edith Piaf songs I was SO thrilled. She even had the same mannerisms as her, I felt like I was in the movie that I love so much

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Spa Days

I learned that water circuits or hydrotherapy is pretty big in Montreal and Quebec. I was personally a skeptic, thinking I would absolutely hate the cold water part of the circuit. The cycle of hot and cold in proper increments is said to improve blood circulation and activate the lymphatic system to promote detoxification. All I can speak to is that I have never been so relaxed in my life. It was insane, in a good way.

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We went to Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau and  Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal during our stay.

Bota Bota was really cool. Out of the two, I had the best massage of my life here but Colby preferred his massage from the Scandinave Spa. As you may of guessed from the name, this is a spa on a stationary boat. There is a little restaurant for spa-goers that we didn't check out but was definitely convenient depending on how long you stay. They also had a cool area that was outside.

We went to Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal first and this was my personal favorite. As soon as you walk up to the front door, you can smell the eucalyptus. The lady at the front desk told me to go hot and then cold. You can do this as many times as you would like but you should finish with cold. Im sure many people just do the hot tubs or steam rooms and that is totally fine too, but for maximum benefit this is what was recommended to me.

To start, they give you a key and you head to the locker room, shower and change into your swimsuit and robe. When you walk into the circuit room, its dark but not too dark that you can't see, and the eucalyptus from the steam room engulfs you. You are not supposed to talk as its a quiet space but they're not going to kick you out as long as you talk low. You can relax in the hot tub, which is the size of a small pool and then, take a quick dip in the cold tub. The other option is the steam room and a cold shower (a quick 10 sec rinse). I went back and fourth between all of them a few times but spent the most time in the hot tub.

Everywhere you look people are stretching, reading and drinking tea, meditating, or laying on the bean bag chairs. I laid-back on a bean bag chair with my husband and we were chatting about where we wanted to get food and next thing I knew we were both asleep. Keep in mind my goal was relaxation so the only plans we had were to go to the spa and stay as long as we wanted.

It really was incredible.