Finger Lakes, NY

In August we went to the Finger Lakes for a wedding that I was doing the make-up for. I was married in October and I did a trade with my friend Caitlin who is an amazing wedding planner and who was getting married there. Caitlin and her then finance; now husband, fell in love with the Finger Lakes on a prior visit and its easy to see why. I was only there for a weekend but if I had to put into words the feeling I was left with, it would be raw simplicity. 


The Burdett House

My husband, enjoying breakfast!


 Caitlin had stayed at the Burdett house before and she had such a lovely experience that it was a no brainer. The house itself is a gorgeous 1880 Queen Anne Victorian, it has an incredible charm! They turned the living room area into what feels like a "cafe" for when they serve breakfast. There is a small gift shop with local antique and cool finds in the back, which I think is brilliant!  The breakfast is amazing, and the fact that its included in the stay is the cherry on top! Half of the charm of your stay at the burden House is the lovely owners,  David and Ashley. They are living a dream so many of us have, and I'm sure its not easy but you can tell they absolutely love what they are doing and meeting all the new people that come to stay weekend after weekend, day after day. Read more about their journey on their blog"There was something about the rawness, the farms, the farmers, the poverty, the wineries and the hope that if everyone supported each other then this area could really be something.  The area is in every sense of the word… REAL… it’s alive, it’s suffering, it’s hopeful, it’s changing, it’s scared and excited at the same time and I’m not sure why but I wanted to feel those things too. "

Colby went to a local farmers market and bought fresh picked flowers while I was working the wedding. He also went to a random dive bar and met all the locals 


Two Goats Brewing

A  brewery that feels like a dive bar with gorgeous views. You know you're at the right place when you look up and see money all over the ceiling (literally) 

Photo Aug 26, 4 58 29 PM (2).jpg

This restaurant is a must! I would go while its still light out so you can sit out back on the patio and take in the views. While we were waiting for our table, we walked around in the garden behind the restaurant and took the pictures below. Everything we tasted was so fresh, we were in food heaven.




Wine and cider bar

Its small inside but i'd say that is part of its charm! We got a spot at the bar, drank delicious wine and beer and ate delicious food all night until we were super sleepy and satisfied.


Lively Run Goat Farm

First we had a cheese tasting and then we got to meet all the goats. The baby goats were hilarious and so friendly!


Other spots we were told to check out but we ran out of time:


Finger Lakes Cider House

There's a gorgeous sunflower field there right now and they serve ciders from all over the Finger Lakes in one place!


Grist Iron Brewing

Just a good big brewery that overlooks the lake and has live music most nights.


Hazelnut Kitchen

This is another restaurant in Trumansburg that is SOO good. 


We have to end this post with a snapshot of the wedding I worked while I was there!